Investment Success


We’ve had the opportunity to partner with entrepreneurial teams who have built some of the most innovative companies in the domain. Our culture of forming long term partnerships with entrepreneurs has resulted not only in investment success but a large and vibrant network of experienced cyber executives that we have been fortunate to work with on a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th start-up.

Our success stems from our working style. Partnership means being in the trenches with our entrepreneurs. We know that building a company does not just happen at board meetings – the real work gets done in between board meetings. That’s where we roll up our sleeves. We are entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs—in the trenches. AllegisCyber Capital was founded for entrepreneurs by successful entrepreneurs and operating executives. We’ve walked through the start-up minefield ourselves.

At AllegisCyber Capital, Partnership also means each of our portfolio companies has the benefit of the experience, networks, and resources of our entire team. We gang tackle. Whatever it takes to give each of our portfolio companies the full benefit of our team.

We’re well known as being an entrepreneur-centric venture partnership. We’ve got more than 7 decades years of combined venture capital experience—35 of these combined years investing successfully together as a team.

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