About Us

Cybersecurity Wise

The AllegisCyber Capital team is steeped in cybersecurity. We are passionate about identifying companies and entrepreneurs developing disruptive and innovative approaches to address the crucial issues on the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. Bad actors are creating new cybersecurity threats around the clock and can strike anywhere and anytime, and they are targeting businesses, consumers and governments. AllegisCyber Capital has the necessary knowledge and solid commitment that it takes to find, invest in and develop the next-generation of “white hats” to protect our global technology infrastructure.

“The objective of AllegisCyber Capital is to create an investment platform that can actively engage with the most promising entrepreneurs at any stage of development and deliver the market access, team building and operating experience essential to their success.”

BOB ACKERMAN – Founder & Managing Partner – AllegisCyber Capital


Cybersecurity touches the entire technology sub-strait that powers the global digital economy.  It is a multi-discipline domain that touches all areas of computing, telecommunications and information sharing.  The rapid evolution of technology platforms and continual emergence of new paradigms increases the potential for new cyberattacks. Today’s cybersecurity solutions are woefully inadequate to address many of these emerging challenges, creating new and immediate opportunities for entrepreneurs. At the same time, the opportunity to imagine and implement new security constructs hold promise for entrepreneurs to fundamentally reimagine and reinvent how we secure our digital economy.  Complex, multi-dimensional, cross-discipline – this is Cyber Security.  This is where we live.