SC Magazine | On deck: Predictions for 2016 and beyond

What’s to come in the cyber universe in 2016 and beyond? What threats will be most challenging for security pros? We compiled predictions from a number of experts.


Bob Ackerman, managing director and founder, Allegis Capital


Data analytics. Whether we are looking at threat intelligence or insider behavior, which contributes to 40 to 75 percent of all breaches, data analytics will continue to be a major innovation and investment theme. There is no shortage of data, it’s finding the specific piece of hay in the haystack – not just the needle in the haystack – that is essential for the security practitioner.


Autonomic defense. The explosion in volume and quality of threat intelligence and the chronic shortage of threat analysts will drive the demand for automated response systems for cybersecurity. We need to automate the rudimentary threat responses and for all management to focus scare threat analyst resources on the most complex and critical threats. Essentially, it’s all about scale and velocity.



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