Shared Intelligence, proprietary deal flow, human capital

and a powerful investor network

At AllegisCyber Capital we are “company builders” who think in term of “unfair competitive advantage” for entrepreneur partners.  We use our integrated cybersecurity investment platform to give our entrepreneurs an unfair competitive advantage. We know how to leverage a lot of people and resources and make them meaningful for our entrepreneurs. Through our network of venture partners, CISOS, strategic corporate partners, collaborative top-tier venture firms, and innovative cybersecurity start-up studio DataTribe we tip the scale in the favor of our portfolio companies. These entrepreneurs come back to work with us time and time again. They know we have their interests front and center.

“It was the perfect partnership. Our journey as entrepreneurs started at DataTribe where we developed and crystallized our vision. Then AllegisCyber Capital accelerated our growth and led our Series A”

Robert M. Lee – Co-Founder & CEO – Dragos


Knowledge as a competitive advantage. Our domain knowledge and industry expertise allow us to understand where the market is going and to identify significant gaps requiring innovative solutions. DataTribe is where we co-found companies with subject matter experts to build these solutions.

Cybersecurity, Data Science and Analytics are large innovation domains requiring deep technologies born of significant investment in cutting-edge research and development. DataTribe’s mission is to create and grow new startups by leveraging advanced technologies in these areas forged by proven government R&D projects in the United States and other select western governments.

DataTribe co-founds and grows technology startups, but not through traditional venture capital techniques. DataTribe is an operational company, not a venture firm. It creates three to four startups annually. DataTribe itself forms these startups, not merely blessing their creation as an outsider – but it also builds the startup team while leading the development and validation of product road maps. Data Tribe startups focus solely on leveraging advanced technologies that have been pioneered, developed, deployed and validated by cutting-edge government labs in response to advanced application requirements.  This is a one-of-a-kind business strategy.

Working closely with the DataTribe, the AllegisCyber Capital team leverages its domain expertise, customer, entrepreneur and investor networks to catalyze the start-up process. When the startups are ready for financing, we step up to the plate and help build a financing syndicate. This creates a virtuous cycle on multiple fronts. More top-flight entrepreneurs join and extend our ecosystem. Leading venture firms operating at the cutting edge of innovation join our financing syndicates. And a rich strain of innovation and entrepreneurial DNA flows through our ecosystem, contributing to the growth and strength of the AllegisCyber Capital platform and our portfolio companies.