…often stays in Vegas. But not this time!

We just came back from the AWS Re:invent conference in Vegas.  The show has been excellent for us.  Overall we see increasing enterprise interest in cloud and AWS.  And AWS continues to impress with the breadth of their offering.  The show felt very centered around AWS as an Enterprise PaaS vendor with new platforms, database and analytics offerings. For Bracket, the highlight was clearly an event we held with Don Duet from Goldman Sachs.  The topic was “Blue print for the data center of the future”.  It was a fireside chat with Don and I.  We had 125  customers and prospects in the room.

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Don was amazing.  Shared his vision for the data center of the future and how Bracket plays a critical role.  We talked for about 45 minutes then opened it for questions.  There were tons of questions – way more then we could answer which is a great sign.  That seminar has had a ripple effect – we are starting to hear other customers tell us they talked to Goldman.  It’s also notable that while 125 people came to the event, we probably invited several hundred people live at the show and thousands by email.  Even those that don’t come make the association of Goldman and Bracket.  That’s powerful marketing!

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We had a suite for customer briefings and it was full constantly – we had to use Chris Pappas’ hotel room room for overflow meetings a few times.  The interest level seems higher then ever.  The new Bracket software edition was particularly well received because folks that are at the show are already on the AWS platform so having an easy add-on for world-class security and data management sounds appealing.  We got several new software beta candidates, plus we are building up our sales pipeline.

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We have been working hard at getting the word out about this vision for the new data center.  The attached press release announcing our series C funding is an excellent vehicle for that.  It will hit the wire tomorrow.

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Thanks all for the support!

More to come…

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Tom Gillis

Allegis Capital Venture Partner / Founder and CEO, Bracket Computing

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