DataTribe, the country’s leading startup studio for cybersecurity and data science startups, today announced that two of its Co-founders have been chosen by the Baltimore Business Journal as 2018 Tech 10 Honorees.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Baltimore Business Journal for our achievements in co-building the next generation of commercial cybersecurity and data science platforms,” said Mike Janke, co-founder, DataTribe. “DataTribe works with technical entrepreneurs and start-up teams that have game-changing technology and talent, coming out of the intelligence community and research labs in the Washington DC area. The DC area has 350% more cyber engineers than the rest of the country – we view that as a vast opportunity of untapped potential.”

DataTribe is a cybersecurity and data science startup studio that invests and co-builds next-generational commercial software companies. The firm draws upon experienced technology and entrepreneurial teams from some of the world’s most advanced and high-stakes national security environments. The DataTribe team is made up of former intelligence community officers, startup founders, and experienced venture capitalists. It also has in-house experts in marketing, product management, legal and finance.

“We’re reinventing the whole concept of venture capital, returning to the industry’s roots,” said Bob Ackerman, co-founder, DataTribe and Managing Director of AllegisCyber. “We’re not just investment managers – we are leveraging our deep domain knowledge, extensive experience and broad expertise to build and launch successful product companies. We put real firepower behind every idea.”

DataTribe holds the distinction as one of the only organizations in the world to have two startups in two years selected as finalists in the RSA Innovation Sandbox Competition. In the first quarter of 2018, DataTribe launched its Inaugural DataTribe Challenge, which provided an opportunity for startup companies to win $20 thousand in cash prizes, plus $2 million in DataTribe-financed seed funding and development partnership. Two of the winning companies, Prevailion and Inertial Sense, recently announced partnerships and seed funding led by DataTribe. In the past few years, DataTribe’s innovative and disruptive portfolio companies have achieved several notable milestones, including the successful sale of Onyara to Hortonworks; the launch and funding of high-profile companies such as ICS Security leader Dragos, homomorphic encryption firm Enveil, and firmware monitoring and security company ReFirm Labs.

With the 2018 Tech10 Awards, the Baltimore Business Journal is celebrating the growing tech community and its contributions to Baltimore by honoring 10 professionals doing their part to put Maryland on the grid. In addition to Mike Janke and Bob Ackerman of DataTribe, the list includes one of DataTribe’s portfolio companies, Ellison Anne Williams, CEO of Enveil.

The 2018 Tech10 Awards event will take place on Thursday, June 28 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. ET at Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge. For additional information, please visit For additional information about DataTribe, please visit

About DataTribe
DataTribe is a cybersecurity and data science startup studio that invests and co-builds next generational commercial software companies. The firm partners with pioneering engineers and entrepreneurial teams from the world’s most prestigious, high-stakes environments, including the international intelligence community and National Labs from U.S, Canada, UK and Australia. DataTribe is headquartered in
Fulton, MD with offices in San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit:

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