Investment Focus

Essential & Unparalleled Innovation

An integrated cyber security investment platform spanning seed to early-growth cybersecurity companies.

We are all about seed and early stage investing in cybersecurity and its applications in emerging technology markets. Today that focus encompasses related areas including big data analytics, Internet of things (IoT), and virtualization. The global economy operates on a digital substrate: It’s complex. Pervasive. Powerful yet highly vulnerable. Cybersecurity touches all aspects of this critical infrastructure and the businesses and services that depend on its security, reliability and integrity.  Whether it’s banking, retail, consumer, financial services, industrial, manufacturing, healthcare or government, cybersecurity is essential to the functioning of the global economy.

At AllegisCyber Capital, we believe the imperative for cybersecurity innovation is a mainstay and will be with us for the foreseeable future. We are focused on identifying and partnering with the creative and passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to securing the digital frontier, through disruptive innovation.