About Us

Cybersecurity Wise

The Allegis team is steeped in cybersecurity. We are passionate about identifying companies and entrepreneurs developing disruptive and innovative approaches to address the crucial issues on the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. Bad actors are creating new cybersecurity threats around the clock and can strike anywhere and anytime, and they are targeting businesses, consumers and governments. Allegis has the necessary knowledge and solid commitment that it takes to find, invest in and develop the next-generation of “white hats” to protect our global technology infrastructure.


Committed To Entrepreneurs

When cybersecurity entrepreneurs are working to develop a solution, they need partners who can roll-up their sleeves or work next to them, and get the job done. Company builders not financiers are instrumental to success. Venture capitalists who can work from initial concept to successful business are mandatory. That’s Allegis Capital. And we’re always on—24/7.


Immersed In Technology

The rise of technology platforms such as mobile and cloud computing increases the potential for new cyberattacks. Today’s cybersecurity solutions are woefully inadequate to address many of these emerging challenges, creating new and immediate opportunities for entrepreneurs. Allegis is closely monitoring the latest developments in a wide range of technology sectors, including big data analytics, the Internet of things (IoT) and virtualization. Each of these areas brings unique cybersecurity issues and unmet threats. But they also create new business opportunities.