Allegis Capital & DataTribe


It’s Vital in the Startup World: Our DataTribe Relationship


Cybersecurity, Big Data and Analytics are large markets requiring deep technologies born of significant investment in cutting-edge research and development. DataTribe’s mission is to create and grow new startups by leveraging advanced technologies in these areas forged by government R&D projects in the United States and other select western governments.


DataTribe will co-found and grow technology startups, but not through traditional venture capital techniques. DataTribe is an operational company, not a venture firm. It will create two to three startups annually. DataTribe itself will form these startups, not merely bless their creation as an outsider – but it will also build the startup team while leading the development and validation of product road maps. Data Tribe startups will focus solely on leveraging advanced technologies that have been pioneered, developed, deployed and validated by government labs in response to advanced application requirements.  This is a one-of-a-kind business strategy.


Working closely with the DataTribe, the Allegis Capital team will leverage its domain expertise, customer, entrepreneur and investor networks to catalyze the start-up process. When the startups are ready for Series A financing, we will step up to the plate and help build a financing syndicate. This will create a virtuous cycle on multiple fronts. More top-flight entrepreneurs will join our ecosystem. More venture firms will join our financing syndicates. And more ancillary investment ideas will flow through our ecosystem and generate yet more premier deal-making.


This is a super-charged network and a win-win-win partnership.